CarePatrol Franchise Review: Meet Jacqui Clark

Leading senior placement franchise empowers entrepreneurs like Clark to turn their people skills into a positive business

When Jacqui Clark was ready to open her own business four and a half years ago in San Diego, California, she found that her love of people and desire to help made her a perfect fit for the CarePatrol senior placement franchise.

After honing her people skills for 18 years as a public relations professional serving the book publishing industry, Clark discovered that her significant experience translated extremely well into helping families find the right care solution for their loved ones.

“Personally, CarePatrol is the most unbelievably rewarding business,” Clark says. “We are dealing with so many people’s end-of-life issues and it’s an honor to help them at this vulnerable time. The stories of seniors are some of the best stories I have ever heard, especially the centaurians .. they are such a unique generation. Sometimes I just sit there for hours just listening to them because they have a lot to impart. It’s sort of amazing to get this fulfilling career and be paid for it at the same time.”

CarePatrol franchise owners are their community’s trusted experts, tireless advocates and sources of compassion when it comes to helping families find the best care for their aging loved ones. For Clark, and every one of CarePatrol’s franchise owners, the demand for care solutions continues to increase. The Population Reference Bureau reports that the senior population will reach 100 million by 2060, and millions in this rapidly aging population are going to need the care of an assisted living facility.  

As one of the leading brands in the senior care industry, CarePatrol stands out with a personalized, hands-on approach to finding the right care solution.

“We are so hands-on,” Clark says. “We are the A-to-Z of placement. We not only help families find assisted and dependent memory care, but we also provide relief for their overwhelming anxieties, such as ‘I feel guilty for moving my mom,’ ‘I don’t know where I am going to find the money,’ ‘we have so much money I don’t know how to manage it,’ ‘I need another attorney, my mom is being resistant to going and I need another fiduciary,’ ‘she has an illness that is not covered by her current Medicare plan and I need to switch.’  We make it simple for families to make the right choice.”

CarePatrol franchisees support one another, while supporting family clients

As the first of four CarePatrol franchisees in the San Diego territory, Clark spent a significant amount of time after her launch date simply marketing her business. Today the collaborative nature of the CarePatrol franchise network helps bring in referrals.

“We work amazingly well together,” Clark says. “It’s a collaborative effort. Every day I call on them and if I can’t fill a need in my territory I call another territory locally and nine times out of ten we can make it work, which is a win for everybody. 

This drive to be part of a team working toward the greater good also translates into her daily work of helping families find the best care placement for their aging loved ones. 

“I love people and I love having a positive impact on peoples’ lives,” she says. “This is such a great business. I love everything about it. It’s an amazing feeling to help families every day.”

Ready to start your new career as a CarePatrol franchise owner?

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