Why Do Our Franchisees Love Owning a CarePatrol Franchise?

Franchisees with the nation’s original senior placement franchise love the flexibility and rewards that CarePatrol ownership brings

CarePatrol caregiver with client

Are you looking for a business that is more than just a way to earn a good income, but a way to help people? CarePatrol provides entrepreneurs who have a passion for helping others the opportunity to own a business that provides a much-needed service for caregivers seeking the best long-term care solutions for their aging loved ones.

CarePatrol is a pioneer in the senior placement industry. We spearheaded the industry in 1993 when Founder and Executive Vice President of National Strategic Partnerships Chuck Bongiovanni, at that time a social worker, saw the tremendous stress families endured when their senior family members were not getting adequate care in their chosen facilities. Their stress was compounded because they were overwhelmed and unprepared to make the right choices concerning the best placement options for their loved ones.

“We hear countless stories of how our franchisees are impacting the lives of families across the nation on a regular basis,” says Bongiovanni. “They live and breathe this work, and we’re enormously proud that we can provide a potentially profitable business model that truly makes a real, lasting difference in the lives of so many.”

CarePatrol is one of the leading brands in the senior care industry, which is expected to grow to $300 billion annually by 2020. We’re a leader because our founding in 1993 created a lucrative opportunity in an untapped market segment: the home placement industry. By specializing in this niche, CarePatrol has grown to over 150 locations in more than 44 states, making us not only the largest home placement franchise in the nation, but also the brand Americans trust. More importantly, our franchisees have helped thousands of families and are rewarded both financially and personally, as the impact our franchisees have on their communities cannot be measured.

CarePatrol franchisees love the flexibility that the business model provides, as well as the support and training that helps them as they build relationships with families and help them care for their family members.

Relationships matter to CarePatrol owners

CarePatrol franchisees take great pride in the peace of mind they provide caregivers who may be overwhelmed with the responsibility of placing a loved one in an assisted-living facility. Franchise Business Review has awarded CarePatrol with their prestigious annual “Franchisee Satisfaction Award” seven years in a row.

As the pioneer in the senior care placement industry, our owners provide a level of service not found with other agencies. “We’ll find out what is best for you and your loved one based on your budget, based on the level of care needs that there are with the individual and, if it’s important, based on the geographic preference that you have. With some other agencies they might just say, ‘Here are 15 different options. I don’t know if they are right for you and your loved one, but go check them out,’ ” says Kirsten Copenhaver, a franchisee in San Diego. “At CarePatrol we do that for you. That’s our business. And we bring you the best for your situation.”

CarePatrol offers a flexible schedule and proven business model

The majority of CarePatrol franchisees have no prior experience in the senior placement industry. The low cost for entry and our streamlined business model that emphasizes training, long-term financial growth and community engagement make CarePatrol the ideal business for entrepreneurs with the desire to serve others.

Some CarePatrol franchisees, like Julie Derry of San Diego, have a corporate background and enjoy the newfound flexibility that owning a CarePatrol provides.

“What I love so much about the business is the flexibility. Having worked a corporate job for so many years where you had set hours, there is a lot of flexibility with CarePatrol. I get up, I check my texts, I check my email, I go to the gym or go swim and then I come back and look at what I have scheduled for the day. We’re always available, so I’ve had a call as early as 6:30 a.m. from a social worker and as late as 9 o ’clock at night from a client, but you learn to incorporate your everyday activity and the business all into your life and have it all work. That’s one of the things I love most. It’s a very busy day, but you are doing what you need to do for your personal life as well as being responsive when the phone rings.”

Ready to start your new career as a CarePatrol franchise owner?

For in-depth details about the CarePatrol franchise opportunity, download our Free Franchise Opportunity Report. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.

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