If People Are Your Passion, CarePatrol Franchise Is the Right Choice for You

The nation’s leading senior placement franchise delivers peace of mind to families who desperately need it

CarePatrol caregiver with client

It takes a special kind of person to be a CarePatrol franchise owner. Day in and day out, our franchise owners help families across the nation through periods of emotional difficulty by taking a hands-on approach to the senior placement process. This approach is what sets CarePatrol apart from the rest of the industry, and it’s what makes CarePatrol franchisees so beloved by their clients and trusted in their communities.

CarePatrol was founded in 1993 out of a sense of need and urgency felt by President Chuck Bongiovanni, then a social worker, after he observed the trauma of a family whose loved one was placed in the wrong type of facility. Our founding not only created the senior placement industry, but it also set the gold standard for how to help families in need of the right senior placement facility to care for their loved ones.

“Life can dramatically change, whether you’ve planned for it or not,” Bongiovanni says. “Family is in an emotional roller coaster, and when aging loved ones become ill, the family is entering uncharted territory. We come in as the expert. Our job is to help people get the care they need at the place that can provide it, and help the families understand what they’re looking for so that they can make informed decisions. There are so many places out there, and not all of them provide the same type of care.”

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CarePatrol caregiver with clientWith CarePatrol you can build a meaningful career helping others

Since our founding, CarePatrol has grown to more than 150 locations in more than 44 states, making us not only the largest home placement franchise in the nation but also the brand that Americans trust. More importantly, our franchisees have helped thousands of families and are rewarded both financially and personally, as the impact our franchisees have on their communities cannot be measured.

All of our franchise owners are certified senior advisors who thoughtfully help families determine their budgets and needs and the care options in their local areas. CarePatrol franchise owners take families on tours and provide them with a comprehensive historical overview of their care options, including performance reviews and expertise in treatment.

For Chuck Bongiovanni, continuing to grow and develop CarePatrol is a passion.

“There is so much opportunity on the horizon and we are proud to be a beacon of hope to all who need us”

Ready to start your new career as a CarePatrol franchise owner?

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