The Real Thing We Do, Is Touch People’s Hearts

Wise research and foresight has led you to explore senior services – now let your heart finish your search with us.

Helping families is a way of giving back to the community and a “gift of new life” for our seniors.  If you are done with the “corporate world” and want to touch the heart of your clients while still earning a very good living, CarePatrol might just be the franchise choice for you.


Why Choose Us

From the moment a family member of a senior calls one of our CarePatrol franchisees, their life changes forever.  We do something that others don’t have time for, we listen.  We find out exactly what is happening in the senior’s life and why they cannot be cared for at home.  There is no judgement, no guilt, just understanding.

Our franchisees then help guide their clients through the daunting task of finding a quality & safe now home for their loved one.  Our proprietary software package helps determine exactly which care options will be the right fit for our clients.  Even though we have the most advanced software and technology in the senior placement franchise industry, our biggest asset is our franchisee’s devotion to their clients.

What Our Franchisee’s Say

Training and support are excellent with great communication and application of the pertinent items needed to succeed. Staff and leadership are always willing to listen to concerns and make valid efforts address these concerns in a timely and professional manner.
Pat Parise, Colorado Franchisee

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