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CarePatrol finds a cost effective way to meet today’s employee ElderCare concerns.


Gilbert, Arizona- While employers are scrambling to figure out the financial effects of ObamaCare, another silent wave is quickly building strength on the very near horizon.  This wave that will not only hit large companies, but could be even more devastating for smaller sized companies.  The “Silver Tsunami” that is going to hit our employers hard is called “Elder Care”.

According to a  The MetLife Study of Working Caregivers and Employer Health Care Costs, employees who are also caregivers cost American employers over $33 billion dollars a year due to employee turnover, absenteeism,  lower productivity , work day crisis and replacement costs.

The problem is, is that most employees who are caregivers don’t recognize that they are caregivers.  Most employees believe that since they are not caring for their loved one full time, they do not fall into that category.  If employees took a hard look at their responsibilities and tasks that they perform for their parent or parents, they would realize that they most likely would qualify as a caregivers to someone who didn’t know them.

For example, an employee is a caregiver if they bring their father a few groceries on the way home from work.  If an employee takes their parent to the doctor or reminds their father to take his medication on time, he is a caregiver.  Female employees who care for a loved one are absent almost 3 times more than their male counterparts, particularly if they are caring for a loved one long distance.

The MetLife study reports that even small companies routinely witness an annual increase in healthcare utilization of those who are caregivers. Increased utilization of services due to depression, stress, hypertension, immune suppression, obesity has been seen across the board in many companies both small and large.  What makes this even more of an impact for employers is that the average age of caregivers is 46, a common age of employees and management populations.

Companies in today’s economy find it difficult to offer support in the way of benefits to caregivers due to additional costs.  However, ElderBenefit.com has unique business model which can make an elder benefit program affordable to every company no matter what size they are.  This model can offer employers a top rated, service driven eldercare referral service in their company at no cost.  Employees also do not have to pay for the free services of elderbenefit.com.

This employee benefit thrives on a provider pay model, contrary to the usual employer-based paid programs.  ElderBenefit.com receives revenue when an employer is referred to and utilizes the services of a private caregiving company or an assisted living community.  

Employees can also call the toll free service at any time to listen to pre-recorded eldercare solutions ranging from “how to get meals-on-wheels for mom” or how find a quality nursing home for a loved one needing full care.  Employees who have loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia can find assistance through the multitude of professionals that they refer to across the nation also.

ElderBenefit.com is available to companies of all sizes.  Companies as small of as two employees can take advantage of this free program. Employers may be surprised by the actual number of employees who share some or take full responsibility for all caregiving activities of a parent.  Employees can get more information on the ElderBenefit website or by calling David Johnson at 866-423-9877.